Thursday, 27 December 2018

Territorial disputes: Final Recap 2018 (9) [Post 199]

The posts about Africa in this blog series TERRITORIAL DISPUTES have made clear so far that although there are particular elements related only to each individual difference, there is still a constant issue: colonialism and imperialism and the way in which the borders were delineated by powers outside Africa. Arguably, despite we could assume good will at the time these borders were agreed, it is a fact they were designed taken into account interests that may coincide with those of the Africans but do not necessarily do.

Even though we may forget the colonial past and the roots of current conflict and poverty in Africa, the same non-regional agents that once divided the continent are still taking advantage in different ways.

Conflict induced displacement includes those who are forced to flee their homes for many reasons: armed conflict including civil war, generalized violence, and persecution on the grounds of nationality, race, religion, political opinion or social group. Forced migration also occurs in response to border disputes, which have led to violent conflicts in several countries.

NOTE: The last posts this year include a recap of all we have covered so far by including daily the relevant links.

Posts 136 to 160: Africa

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27th December 2018

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