Friday, 9 September 2016

Juris North Discussions [October-December 2016]

Dear all,

The Juris North Group invites you to attend to the discussion on the following papers this term:

Week One [Wednesday 05th October 2016, at 3pm, hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University] – “The Right of Indigenous Peoples to their Own Law.” Dr. Dawid Bunikowski, Lecturer, Law School, University of Eastern Finland.

Week Two [Wednesday 2nd November 2016, at 3pm, hosted by the University of Liverpool] “Law’s Judgment.” Dr. William Lucy, Professor, Durham Law School, Durham University.

Week Three [Wednesday 7th December 2016, at 3pm, hosted by the University of Manchester] – “Voices of Syria: law, morals, and politics. Various presenters.

The respective papers will be distributed by email before each event.

Enquiries: Dr Jorge Nunez

Tickets (free)

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