Friday, 17 June 2016

IVR 2017: Special Workshop "THE CONCEPT OF LAW" [Call for Papers]

[Call for Papers]

Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora | Jorge Emilío Núñez | Gonzalo Villa Rosas
XXVIII World Congress of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR)
Istanbul, Turkey| 16 21 July 2017

Law has been defined in many forms and characterised by using essential, non-essential, necessary, sufficient, and even desirable conditions. Following Stammler’s classification of the four themes in law, that is ontology, axiology, formal logic and transcendental logic, the workshop aims to explore the law, its ontology and its nature. What are the essential conditions defining law? Do “essential” and “necessary” refer to the same conditions? Following recent works by Yankah and Schauer there seems to be renewed interest in elements that post-Hartian Anglo-American legal philosophy had long ago discarded: are the Hartian criticisms to Kelsenian and post-Kelsenian hard positivism still valid? Is coercion an essential element of law? Is legitimacy an essential element of law? Which are the relations between coercion and legitimacy of law? Which are the conditions for legitimacy of law? Is objectivity a condition for law and its legitimacy? These and related questions will be addressed by our speakers. A compilation book of the papers presented at the Worshop will be published in a Journal.

Notes: Open to additional interested participants. The abstracts and brief academic biography should be submitted by no later than Friday 28th October 2016.
Language: The abstracts must be written in English or Spanish, and it should be under 400 words. The sessions will be held in English.

Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora (Co-Chair)
Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora, Ph.D Candidate, Philosophy, McMaster University and External Research, FUCTO School of Law. Areas of research: legal philosophy, international law and philosophy of private law.
Jorge Emilío Núñez (Co-Chair)
Jorge Emilio Núñez, PhD in Law (Manchester-UK). Senior Lecturer in Law (Manchester-UK). Profesor de Derecho (UNLP-Argentina). Areas of research: jurisprudence, legal theory, political theory, international relations. Various international publications and events worldwide as key speaker.
Gonzalo Villa Rosas (Co-Chair)
Gonzalo Villa Rosas, Ph.D. Candidate in Law and Philosophy, Christian-Albrechts Universität (Germany); LL.M. Summa Cum Laude, Christian-Albrechts Universität (Germany); Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) with distinction from the Universidad Externado de Colombia (Colombia); M.e.Ph. Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia). Areas of research: legal theory, argumentation theory, and meta-ethics. 

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