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'Sovereignty Conflicts as a Distributive Justice Issue' in Selected Issues in Public & Private Law

'Sovereignty Conflicts as a Distributive Justice Issue'

in Selected Issues in Public & Private Law

Edited by David A. Frenkel

ISBN: 978-618-5065-78-2, 130 pages

First published in 2015 by ATINER

Jorge Emilio Núňez, in his essay Sovereignty Conflicts as a Distributive Justice Issue proposes a way of dealing with certain sovereignty conflicts, as most conflicts in international relations have, at least to a certain extent, something to do with sovereignty. In his essay he considers how distributive justice theories can be in tune with the concept of sovereignty and explores the possibility of a solution for sovereignty conflicts.
The traditional division between private law and public law is not anymore as pure and simple as it was. Areas which were accepted and taught as private law are affected by and include principles used to be named public law, and public law has become in part compilation of issues which were classified as private law. Thus, for instance, private law and public law are interwoven in commercial law and labour law. The classical division between public and private law has been blurred and time has come when we should look at law in different ways, broader and more comprehensive.

This book offers a collection of essays on issues which can be classified and categorised under both private and public laws. The authors seek to illuminate the issues discussed in the various essays from both perspectives. They make use of insights arising from jurisprudence, schools of thoughts, history, economy, and sociology to develop new and creative solutions and interpretations of pending problems.

The essays are revised versions based on presentations at the International Conferences on Law, organised by the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) held in Athens, Greece. They were peer-reviewed and selected on the basis of the reviewers’ comments and their contribution to the ongoing discussion of the respective issues.

The book is divided into ten sections. 'Sovereignty Conflicts as a Distributive Justice Issue' is one of the contributions.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents [link]

Preface and Introduction
Preface and Introduction [link]

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